Department of Physics
Spring 1999 Class Schedule

Course ID  Course Name                Times          Instructor

 PHYS 101  Physical Science           2MTuF          Larrabee
 PHYS 101  Physical Science           1TuThF         Larrabee
 PHYS 105  Physics Inquiring Mind     9TuThF         Reed
*PHYS 105  Physics Inquiring Mind     PSI            Larrabee
 PHYS 106  Modern Physics             PSI            Houle
 PHYS 117  Energy                     PSI            Houle
*PHYS 118  Solar Energy               5MTuTh         Houle
 PHYS 121  Astro I: Sky&Solar         9MW 11Th       Buckley
 PHYS 121  Astro I: Sky&Solar-Honors  1MW 3Th        Buckley
*PHYS 121  Astro I: Sky&Solar-Honors  6-9pm Th       Buckley
 PHYS 122  Astro II: Stars&Galaxies   12MW 2Th       Buckley
*PHYS 122  Astro II: Stars&Galaxies   5-8W           Yasmin
 PHYS 131  Fundamental Physics I      10MWF          Yasmin
 PHYS 131  Fundamental Physics I      4MTuTh         Houle
 PHYS 132  Fundamental Physics II     9MW 11Th       Mogus
 PHYS 132  Fundamental Physics II     9TuThF         Mogus
 PHYS 162  Physics II                 11MWF          Reed
 PHYS 252  CJA: Adv. Criminalistics   4-5:15MW       Mogus
 PHYS 262  Physics IV                 1TuThF         Buckley
 PHYS 411  Thermal Physics            By arrngmnt    Reed
 PHYS 433  Atomic and Nuclear Physics By arrngmnt    Larrabee
 PHYS 499  Student Teach Intern       By arrngmnt    Cohen
* continuing education