Dr. David A. Larrabee

Professor in the Physics Department

Office Gessner 207

Telephone no: (570)422-3292

E-Mail dlarrabee@po-box.esu.edu

IM Larrabee Merlin in SL

Table of contents

The following are opportunities for Undergraduate participation in my Research

If you have an interest in an independent study in a physics related field I have several projects that would benefit by having undergraduate participation.

oElectromagnetic Compatibility (Experimental)
Skills:  use of machine shop tools, ability to run electronic equipment, ability to use Excel, independent worker.  Familiarity with amateur radio a real plus.
           Currently we are developing two Electromagnetic Stirred Reverberation Chambers.
oElectromagnetic Compatibility (Theory)
Must excellent math skills (multivariate calculus at a minimum) at at least Physics 162 (Calculus bases physics II)
oSeveral Electronics Projects.
Skills: ability to build and troubleshoot electronic circuits, basic mechanical skills. Some ability to design simple circuits would be a real plus.
oMusic Recording
Willing to work (this can become physical).  Attention to detail.  Music background, electronics and soldering ability are all real assets. 

Possible Student Projects

oMusic Recording Theory
Matching real reverberation of a room with electronic reverberation
          Characterizing microphones
New microphone arrangements for live recording.
oHistory of Science and its relationship with Religion
Interested in Medieval physics?  So am I!
oElectromagnetic Compatibility
I am working on:
    The interaction of an Electromagnetic Waves on Transmission lines
    Development of reverberation chambers
    Shielding electronics from radio waves.
Detectors that will detect acoustic signals whose frequency is below that which we can here.
oLow Frequency Radio Waves
Detectors that will receive Radio waves below 100 Hertz.
oRadio Astronomy within our own Solar System
What can we hear?  (First we need to build some stuff...)

Past Projects at ESU

oDetermining the Surface resistance of a thin metal sheet on a plastic blanket (like an emergency blanket).
oA bias circuit for a laser fluorescence setup
oAn electrical "switch" for a physiograph
oDiffusion of Radon through Concrete
oPhys 132 Summer Project - 1997- A Seismograph

Interests and Hobbies

oAmateur Radio - Call N3WOD  (Advanced Class)
oMountain Climbing (not rock climbing).  I am currently working on the "Catskill 35's", and know the local trails reasonably well.
Where did the Larrabee's come from anyway?
oHistory of Science and the relationship between science and Religion
I especially enjoy exploring the relationship between the physical science and religion between 500 CE and 1800 CE. (see my article on the Metanexus site).
(Yes I ride..)
I have sung with  Princeton Pro Musica and the Pocono Choral Society, and have had several solo parts.  Currently I sing with the New York Choral Society which performs twice a year in Carnegie Hall.  I have also recorded live concerts you find the details at my recording webpage.
Classical Mechanics (especially Chaos in Hamiltonian Systems)
Computational Physics
Electromagnetics (especially as applied to Electromagnetic Compatibility)
Examining how physics developed to where it is today.
oSecond Life
You can IM "Larrabee Merlin" from Second life and you will get to me.
I like acting in the theater (especially musicals). Many years ago I played Nathan Detroit in Guys and Dolls.  After an extended absence from the stage I returned to participating in the arts.. I have been a member of the Stroud Mansion Players (performing murder mysteries) which is sponsored by the Monroe County Historical Society (Murder in the Mansion, Murder in the air, Come as you were and others). I performed Mr. Bumble in the musical Oliver (he is the head of the orphanage).

    Professional Organizations to Which I belong

East Stroudsburg University Physics Department
History of Science Society
IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electroncs Engineers
I and the Past Chairman of the Lehigh Valley Section
          I am a member of the IEEE EMC Society

Other Organizations to Which I belong

ARRL - American Radio Relay League

New York Choral Society


Biographical Information

B.S. Applied and Engineering Physics Cornell University 1976
M.S. Applied Physics Cornell University 1978
Ph.D. Applied Physics Cornell University 1980
Thesis: The Equilibrium and Compression of Ion Rings.
MBA Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science 1993
Post Doc- Princeton University Plasma Physics Laboratory 1979-1980
Research: Rotating MHD Tokamak Plasma, and large aspect ratio Stellarators
Research Staff Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Research: The equilibrium and transport of MHD tokamak plasmas
Industrial Experience in the Instrumentation of Aircraft
Senior Engineer Weston Instruments
Chief Engineer Penn Airborne
Chief Engineer Smith Industries
Adjunct Professor
Delaware County Community College (Physics and Earth Science)
Immaculata College (Physics and Mathematics)
Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science (MBA program)
- - Management of Information Systems
- - Production and Operations Management
Professor of Physics East Stroudsburg University.

Information On Courses I Teach

PHYS 101 - Physical Science
oI do not know when I will be offering this course again
oThis course is a physics problem solving course for those who have a limited physics background a mathematical abilities through High School Algebra.
oTextbook: Physics: A World View by Kirkpatrick
PHYS 102 - Physics as a Liberal Art  (This course has a Web CT site)
o This course  is being offered in the Spring of 2010 but will be offered in the Fall of 2010.
oThis course is NOT a problem solving course, but rather a physics literacy course. We will examine physical phenomena and determine the underlying principles behind them.
oTextbooks: Science Matters by Hazen and Trefil, and What makes Science a Science by D. A. Larrabee
PHYS 105 - Physics for the Inquiring Mind (PSI)
oThis is a PSI Course. I am responsible for the study guide and maintaining the questions in the database. This responsibility is moving to Dr. Elwood this term.  I welcome any comments and suggestions that you might have. Please E-Mail suggestions to me! See the PSI Webpage for more details
PHYS 132
o I have three Lab sections for this course in the Spring of 2010.  Lab grades and comments are posted here.
PHYS 405 (also Chem 405 and GCI 520 The Development of Modern Physical Science
oThis course traces the development of the ideas of Physics. From the First Engineer to the Present. Teachers and members of the community are especially encouraged to participate in this course. Offered on Demand! 
oText: Multiple texts.
PHYS 411 Thermal Physics
oThis course is a mixture of engineering thermodynamics and "theoretical" thermodynamics. An introduction to kinetic theory and statistical mechanics is also included.
oText: Yunus A. Cengel Introduction to Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer with supplements
PHYS 431 Electromagnetic Theory I
oThis course examines the physics of electric and magnetic fields. The emphasis on the first term is steady fields that either don't change in time, or change slowly. In the first term will we derive Maxwell's equations and end the course with a description of Electromagnetic Plane Waves. This course assumes that the student has had all their calculus courses. This course is scheduled to be offered in the Fall of 2011
oTextbooks: Griffiths
PHYS 432 Electromagnetic Theory II
oThis course continues where Phys 431 leaves off. We will cover microwaves (waveguides and antennas), antenna theory, transmission lines, Smith charts and perhaps some advanced topic (depends on the class). We will be primarily concerned with the generation, transmission and reception of electromagnetic waves This course assumes that the student has had all their calculus courses as well as Phys 431. This course is scheduled for the Spring of 2012?
oTextbooks: Robert Grover Brown et al ,“Lines, Waves and Antennas"

Mailing Address

Dr. David A. Larrabee
Physics Department
East Stroudsburg University
East Stroudsburg, Pa 18301

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