PHYS 132
Fundamental Physics II

Fundamental Physics II applies the basics of physics covered in Fundamental Physics I to the concepts of electricity, magnetism, waves and optics. Trigonometry and algebra is used. No calculus is used. A series of laboratory activities is used in support of the material.

Instructor: Robert A. Cohen
Meeting Place: 118 Gessner Hall

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Relevant links

  • Learning physics
  • Electric Forces and Energy
  • DC Circuits
  • AC Circuits
  • Magnetism
  • Waves:
  • Doppler Effect:
  • Interference:
  • Optics:
  • General Sites
  • Virtual Oscilloscope
  • PADs has interactive graphs and exercises.
  • Ball on Track (with graphing) from U of Pennsylvania.
  • Interactive Conceptual Tutoring (Automated Physics Tutor)
  • One resource of applications of physics to biology is given here.
  • Syllabi of physics courses elsewhere
  • How Stuff Works
  • Interesting questions
  • Powers of 10 video.
  • Context-Rich Problems
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