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Study Abroad

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Studying abroad can be one of the most rewarding experiences in your college education. Study Abroad typically involves:

  • Studying at a foreign university
  • Living in a new cultural setting
  • Negotiating a foreign language on daily basis

The outcome of an experience abroad will stay with you forever.

Opportunities Worldwide

ESU has 144 approved exchange partner universities worldwide. All partner universities are determined to be academically worthy and located in safe environments.

ESU has 8 direct agreements with universities in Europe, Central America and Asia. ESU is also a member of the worldwide university cooperative called the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP).

As a member of ISEP qualified ESU students have the opportunity to apply to one of 136 universities on six continents as an ISEP exchange student.

In all ESU students can study abroad at one of 144 universities worldwide!

Students interested in a semester-long study abroad exchange are urged to meet with Mr. Steven Ives, Manager of the Office of International Programs, to review all options and find the exchange partner university that best meets the student’s academic and professional goals.

Contact Steven Ives and plan about 45 minute for a one–on–one session to learn about how to begin your study abroad application.