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Programs For Older Adults

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Lifelong Learning Opportunities in Monroe County

The Older Adult Learning Center

The Older Adult Learning Center is a community organization dedicated to the philosophy that learning should be a lifelong endeavor and to the belief that continuous educational pursuits in retirement contribute to the quality of life.

The Older Adult Learning Center is an independent community organization affiliated with the Elderhostel Institute Network and is not affiliated with East Stroudsburg University.

The Older Adult Learning Center, offers a number of diversified courses geared to the interests of its members covering such topics as art, history, finance, health, sports, philosophy and writing. The courses offered are limited only to the interest and imagination of its members.

The benefits of participation in The Older Adult Learning Center are multiple:

  • The sheer joy of learning without the pressure associated with term papers and exams.
  • The opportunity to interact with people who share a commonality of interests.
  • The opportunity to explore unfamiliar subjects and broaden horizons.
  • The opportunity to realize the unique satisfaction that exploring new ideas and experiences generates.

Membership in TOALC

There are no educational background requirements. Membership is available for an annual fee of $40.00 (September to August). Members are eligible to participate in all Learning Center Activities.

Courses offered each semester are selected by a membership curriculum committee from suggestions submitted by members of the Learning Center. For a $25.00* tuition fee per term, members may enroll in an unlimited number of courses.

Where applicable, a modest fee for course materials may be charged. All courses and activities are held during daylight hours. Qualified volunteers who are proficient in their chosen subject provide instruction.

Additonal Community Lifelong Learning Activities and Programs are offered by:

  1. Monroe County Public Library
  2. Pocono Family YMCA