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Academic Advising

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Make an AppointmentThe primary purpose of Academic Advising is to assist students who are undecided about a major in the development of meaningful educational plans that are compatible with the students' life goals.

Academic advisors provide assistance with:

  • General course selection
  • Explanation of degrees and degree requirements
  • Development of a program of study
  • Selection of an academic major
  • Academic concerns and issues
  • Referral to other ESU resources and services
  • Unofficial progress check toward graduation

Academic advisors for the undeclared student apply knowledge of teaching, advising, learning, and human development to encourage educational experiences that lead to intellectual and personal growth.

Advisee Responsibilities

As an advisee, you have clear responsibilities in the advising partnership. In order to be successful, you should:

  • Schedule an appointment with your academic advisor during each semester.
  • Arrive prepared to each appointment with questions and your advising portfolio.
  • Keep an advising portfolio where you keep official documents and keep a record of your progress toward meeting your educational goals.
  • Enroll in the courses that you and your academic advisor have determined from educational objectives.
  • Be an active learner by participating fully in the advising experience.