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Image Caption The Department of Modern Languages offers baccalaureate degree programs in French and Spanish. An Interdisciplinary German Studies Minor is also available, as are minors in French and Spanish.

In addition, a proposed minor in Chinese Language and Culture minor is progressing toward approval. An Italian Minor is likely to be added in the future, reflecting strong interest in current Italian course offerings.

Arabic, Portuguese, Latin and Ancient Greek are offered regularly, and other courses are scheduled according to demand.

The primary focus of our major and minor programs is to teach students to communicate effectively in the target language, while allowing them to gain intercultural competencies that serve their professional and personal goals. Emphasis is placed on situating language study within a larger cultural and historical context.

Our programs are designed to prepare students for careers in:

  • Modern language education
  • International business and finance
  • International studies
  • Translation services
  • Relevant positions in the health and medical professions

The B.A. major in French or Spanish offers excellent preparation for graduate studies in a wide range of fields, including:

  • Modern languages
  • Comparative literatures and cultures
  • International relations
  • Diplomatic studies and
  • Law school

Increasingly, ESU students choose a Spanish or French B.A. major to complement another area of study, such as Business, Health, Nursing, Education and Hospitality.

These second/dual majors are typically seen by employers as a competitive edge in the hiring process.

The B.S. major in French or Spanish offers K-12 teaching certification through the PDE (Pennsylvania Department of Education).

Our teaching certification programs in French and Spanish are accredited by PDE and by NCATE (National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education).

We have been granted NCATE's highest level of accreditation, National Recognition.

Career prospects for modern language majors, both in the liberal arts and the teaching programs, are very strong and continue to expand.