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State System, APSCUF Reach Tentative Agreement, Strike Ends

Late Friday afternoon, we received an announcement that the strike between the faculty union (APSCUF) and the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education has been settled. Faculty members will return to work effective midnight tonight. For students that have regularly scheduled classes this weekend, report as scheduled. All other students should follow their class schedules starting Monday, October 24.


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Christopher Brooks (
Associate Professor of History
B.A., 1994, East Stroudsburg University
M.A., 1998, East Stroudsburg University
M.Litt. (studies), 2001, University of Edinburgh
Dr. Phil., 2006, University of Kassel
Specialties: U.S. Legal & Constitutional History, Intellectual History, 20th Century European Political History (especially Germany), Scottish Enlightenment, Early American Republic, Historical Methodology, Comparative Constitutional Studies.

Don Dellipriscoli (
Assistant Professor of History, Department Chair
B.S., 1993, East Stroudsburg University
M.A., 1995, East Stroudsburg University
Specialties: Early U.S. History, Teaching of Social Studies, American Business and Labor History.

Christopher Dudley (
Assistant Professor of History
B.A., 2001, Oberlin College
M.A., 2003, University of Chicago
Ph.D., 2010, University of Chicago
Teaching Interests: Britain and the British Empire, Early Modern and Modern European History, Political and Economic Modernity.
Research Interests: 18th Century Britain, Revolutions, Political Parties, Political Economy, Religion in Politics.

Shannon Frystak (
Associate Professor of History
B.S., 1990, Bowling Green State University
M.A., 1997, University of New Orleans
Ph.D., 2005, University of New Hampshire
Specialties: U.S. History from 1865, Civil Rights, African-American History, U.S. Women's History, Southern History, Labor History.
Research Interests: Civil Rights, Gender History, African American History.

Jeffrey Hardy (
Associate Professor of Geography
B.S., 1991, Mississippi State University
M.S., 1993, Louisiana State University
Ph.D., 1998, Louisiana State University

Shixiong Hu (
Associate Professor of Geography
B.S., 1990, Henan University, China
M.S., 1995, South China Normal University
Ph.D., 2004, State University of New York at Buffalo

Michael Gray (
Associate Professor of History
B.A., 1990, East Stroudsburg University
M.A., 1991, East Stroudsburg University
Ph.D., 1998, Kent State University
Specialties: 19th Century U.S., Civil War & Reconstruction, U.S. Military History, American Frontier, Civil War Sites (Public History).
Research Interests: Civil War Prisons.

Erin O'Donnell (
Associate Professor of History
B.A., 1985, University of Louisiana-Lafayette
M.A., 1991, North Carolina State University
Ph.D, 2009, University of Chicago
Specialties: Modern World Civilizations, Modern India, Modern China, History Through Film, Asian Film, Indian Film.
Research Interests: Modern Bengal and Bangladesh, Bengali and Hindu/Urdu Film, Photography in India, Marxist Critical and Cultural Theory.

Martin Wilson (
Associate Professor of History, Graduate Coordinator
B.A., 1976, Lock Haven University
M.A., 1984, East Stroudsburg University
Ph.D., 2000, Temple University
Specialties: Colonial America, 20th Century World History, Urban America, History of Pennsylvania, Latin America, Oral History.

Monika Ackerman (
Instructor of Modern Languages - Chinese
B.A., 2010, East Stroudsburg University
M.A., 2012, East Stroudsburg University