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Graduate Programs

Welcome to the History Department at East Stroudsburg University!

Latest News about the Department.

Whether you take one general education class, major in history, or come back for your M.A., the ESU History Department will help you learn about the past in order to understand the present, become a more discerning reader, persuasive writer, and critical thinker.

Why Study History? It’s not just for teachers. The skills you develop in history classes sharpen your mind and prepare you for a wide variety of careers and experiences.

We offer two undergraduate concentrations if you want to study history in depth. One concentration prepares you to teach history and includes everything you need to get certified. The other gives you a wide range of skills that prepare you for a variety of careers.

We offer a minor that complements majors in many fields, whether art, business, education, sociology, or almost anything else.

We offer a graduate program for advanced study – we were the first to offer such a program among the 14 Pennsylvania state universities.