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A DEGREE IN ENGLISH is the perfect preparation for a job in business, the media, education, communications, the law, and an array of other career paths. Our classes can show you how to:

  • design and compose digital web content
  • conceive winning advertising and public relations strategies
  • teach English in the schools
  • write news stories, poetry, fiction, and magazine articles
  • explore great literature from around the world

Many of our amazing majors also go on to graduate education in countless disciplines.

English majors study a long tradition of timeless art and rhetoric that captures the heart and mind. Great writing inspires, entertains, teaches, and takes us to unfamiliar worlds and cultures. It helps us understand the human condition and ourselves. Whether as readers or writers, the written word helps us learn, grow, feel, and soar to new heights of feeling and thought.


As an English major, you will engage with writing, literature, and the English language across time and space. You will analyze and create texts, whether print or digital, verbal or visual, fiction or nonfiction, poetic or pragmatic. You will gain a mastery of the ageless crafts of writing and rhetoric and the literary arts.

If your passion is to read and learn about literature and literary analysis or if you hope to inspire a love of literature and writing in others through teaching, ESU’s English Department will provide the guidance, instruction, and encouragement you need.

If writing is your love and you aspire to work as a professional writer, whether in poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, journalism, public relations writing, copy writing, technical writing, editing, or other writing specialties, ESU’s English faculty are specialists in creative writing, professional and new media writing, literature, and English pedagogy and will serve as mentors who will help you develop and master your skills.

No matter what track you choose as an English major, you will develop your creativity, analytical skills, and writing skills, all valued and sought after in today’s job market. The ESU English major provides you with a solid foundation for the workplace or for additional professional studies, such as law school or graduate studies.

To study English is to be timeless, practical, inspirational, and needed in today’s world. To find out more about ESU’s English major, the various tracks you can choose, and how they meet your goals and dreams, you can start by emailing Dr. Kim McKay, department chair, here or by calling us at (570) 422-3398. Our professors are always happy to sit down and talk with prospective majors.

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English majors select from four tracks and dozens of courses:

  • The literature track, leading to a B.A., represents a traditional English degree program rooted in literature surveys and upper-division course work in major writers and special topics.
  • The writing track combines study of literature with a variety of creative writing workshop experiences. Students can develop expertise in writing fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction. This track leads to the B.A. degree.
  • The professional and new media writing track, also leading to a B.A., prepares students for a variety of writing fields in the corporate, educational, non-profit, and governmental spheres. Students take classes in specialties such as journalism, technical writing, writing for the web, and advertising and public relations.
  • The secondary education track gives students who aspire to teach the chance to pursue a B.S. degree in English. They study literature and classroom methodology so they can become effective, certified middle and high school teachers.

The department also offers an 18-credit English Minor.