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All-Sports Speed and Track & Field

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Speed/Track and Field Info

Speed/Track and Field
Sunday, July 7 - Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Advanced Hurdles and Jump Camp
Sunday, July 21 - Wednesday, July 24, 2013

*Online registration fees are applied

Contact: Chris Merli (570) 422–3249

Youth Track and Field Program
Mondays: September 9 – October 21 6:30 - 8:00 PM
FINAL Meet: Friday, October 25 5:30 PM

For more information about events please email:

All-Sports Speed Camp: All sports welcome where speed is important. EVERYONE CAN RUN FASTER...!

The Warrior All-Sports Speed Camp’s objective is to teach you how your body works and techniques to improve your form in order to increase speed and agility.

Exercises and drills based on sound bio-mechanical principles will provide athletes with tools to improve their speed and overall athletic performance.

Participants, from beginners to experienced, will leave ESU Speed Camp with the knowledge necessary to develop a comprehensive workout routine, designed to achieve their speed goals.

Track & Field Camp: Develop your skills and technique in a fun and challenging environment.

Morning sessions will concentrate on tools for proper running mechanics, which are crucial for success in specific events.

Afternoon sessions will address individual event areas, where athletes will learn proven drills that will enable continuous improvement of skills to compete consistently at a higher level.

General Information:

  • For girls and boys, ages 10-18
  • State of the art indoor and outdoor facilities
  • Instruction by college coaches and athletes
  • Recreation room in the residence halls
  • Experience campus living with all-you-can-eat meals
  • 24–hour on campus security
  • HS Juniors and Seniors college info Q & A session
  • Organized evining activities
  • Nutrition guidelines for athletes
  • Complete Packet of all drills and routines
  • Overnight and commuter options available
  • Discounts for teams who register 4 or more players (contact coach for details)

Coaches & Captains Clinic: Coaches - bring your team leaders to learn innovative drills and improve your team's overall speed!

We will provide the tools necessary for you to incorporate effective speed drills into your specific sport practices.

Discounts are available for coaches who bring at least two team captains to camp.