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Online Registration*

Weekdays beginning
Monday, July 13, 2015 through Friday, July 31, 2015
(July 13 - 17, July 20 - 24 and July 27 - 31)

*Online registration fees are applied

ESU For Kids: Bring A Friend Free Day
April 25th, 2015
9 am to 3 pm


For 24 years, ESU for Kids has been offering a wide variety of courses designed for children ages 6 - 18. Experienced, professional instructors are eager to teach and challenge each student. ESU for Kids delivers affordable learning and memorable experience.

ESU for Kids promises to be even better in 2015. Children will be able to sign up for as few as 1 hour-long class per day or as many as 7 hour-long classes per day. As always, the more classes a student enrolls in, the greater the discount!

It's educational summer fun you can't find anywhere else-it's ESU for Kids!

What have parents and their children been saying about the ESU for Kids summer program?

The classes are entertaining and engaging. They are enjoyable and stimulating.


This is a great program for building socialization skills, esteem, and independence.


The topics of the classes are not offered anywhere else and are exactly what my son is interested in. They were more than just something to do, they offered him challenges and problem solving within a topic that he loves. A win-win!


I was very impressed with the amount of knowledge my daughter gained in such a short time.


All the staff members I saw were very friendly and helpful. I liked seeing them greet the kids by name.


The program was organized. I felt confident leaving my child in their care.


My child enjoys going to the program and I’m happy she had something to do for the summer that was educational.


My son never got bored!


Overall my daughter loves ESU for Kids and she is looking forward to coming next year. She says that it’s the best camp ever. She jumps from camp to camp all summer long so she pretty much knows all of the camps around the area.


My son was extremely satisfied with the ESU for Kids experience. He says that he can’t wait to come back next year and he will be telling all of his friends to join also. I can’t stress enough how pleased we were with the program.